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Catching Baby ZZZ

Catching ZZZ’s with Lacey

Class Objectives


Lacey’s 60-MIN Sleep Workshop is held both over zoom and in person. These classes are designed to give parents the tools, structure, and confidence needed to teach their babies healthy, independent sleep habits. But not just sleep habits. Sleep SKILLS.


Lacey’s class will give parents a comprehensive overview on how to establish these essential sleep skills and maintain them through the months and years ahead. The goal of this class is to give everyone the prep work and tools they need to successfully get their child sleeping through the night and independently for naps.


This can be achieved through your dedication to the class, as it does require a little “homework” on the parent’s end.


Lacey does recommend you take notes in order to best be able to focus, learn and obtain the class information and guidance. Partners are of course welcome to join!

To reserve a space in our upcoming Sleep Class held on 1/26 at 11 am, book here!

Class Outline


Part 1: Sleep Foundations

We will discuss the important foundations needed in order to start any sleep training program. We will go over in detail, daytime schedule, feeds, bedtime, sleep environment, sleep attire, weaning, and transitions, weaning night feeds, sleep associations, regressions, etc. Both bottle and breastfed babies will be addressed.

Part 2: Sleep Training!

Lacey will present a very detailed sleep training approach for you as parents to implement. We will discuss the how’s the if’s the but’s of what MANY parents come across while sleep training. Lacey will provide the tools you need to achieve great results. We will go over any questions or concerns and discuss essential maintenance training and how to handle future regressions.

Part 3: Q & A

Criteria for class enrollment:


AGE GROUPS: -4-12 Months

  • Bring pen/paper to take your own notes for the class

  • The baby must be over 13lbs and ready to sleep train.



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