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Lacey Welker is the owner and founder of LA Baby Doula. Lacey has been working with children, infants, and families for over 15 years.  Immediately following graduation from CSU, Chico in 2005 with a Bachelors degree in music and minor in Psychology, she moved to Los Angeles where she began working as a behavior therapist for children.  In the following years, she specialized in early behavior intervention for children with Autism incorporating several different theoretical approaches. Particularly, she implemented discrete trial training, applied behavior analysis, various sensory strategies, and child-centered/play-based techniques to assist her clients in overcoming their behavioral challenges.


In 2007, Lacey continued to hone her specialized skills in child and infant behavior by performing freelance work, focusing on toddlers and infants in an intimate family setting.  Since then, she has assisted multiple families with various activities, including, introduction of a new baby into the home and adjusting to life with an infant, and providing guidance regarding social skills, behavior education, academics, development, sleep training & education, and other child-care related matters. Lacey completed her training and certification as a Newborn Specialist through the International Newborn Care Specialist Association. 


Lacey’s growing passion to assist parents and children through these critical life transitions is constantly evolving.  It was after walking both her sister and her best friend through every stage of childbirth that she decided to become a Doula.  Lacey has studied with the notable school of Bini Birth Los Angeles and has completed her doula certification with DONA International.  


Lacey also specializes in Maternity and child sleep. Lacey completed her training and certification through The International Maternity and Parenting Institute. She helps families all over the country through her expertise in sleep education, providing families with healthy sleep and solving their sleep issues.


In 2012, Lacey established LA Baby Doula by bringing all her services into one company, providing multiple families with support in all areas of prenatal and postpartum care. She has carefully hired a team of trained experts and continues to grow and expand this intimate, educational company.


Lacey is committed to helping birthing mothers, prenatal and postpartum, and families establish a healthy, nurturing and happy home through her knowledge, training, experience, and most of all, her love and compassion.

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